Startup founders are trying to figure out how to fundraise through a pandemic and economic crash. New talk of capital efficiency is gratifying, but there was another lesson from pre-COVID-19 valuation struggles. Morality matters. Venture capitalists and early-stage investors have told all of us, founders are critical to a startup’sContinue Reading

Rewind · Updated 3 minutes ago. Posted 1 hour ago Naya’s voice was, quite literally, music to our ears. After a near week-long search, Naya Rivera’s body was found and she was pronounced dead on July 8. As fans of Naya’s, what better way to commemorate her life than lookingContinue Reading

Razer has revealed a tiny, ultra-compact keyboard that’s part of the Huntsman line-up and offers high-performance in a small package. The Razer Huntsman Mini is essentially a slimmed-down version of the Huntsman but with some of the same “industry-leading” features. These include Razer’s responsive optical keyswitches, PBT double-shot keycaps andContinue Reading

Each CEO will need to explain how their monolithic platforms, like Facebook’s social network, Google’s advertising business and Apple’s App Store, do not violate antitrust law. “Antitrust” is shorthand for the rules around businesses stifling competition in a free and fair market. That includes blocking powerful companies from buying up,Continue Reading