For many people, pasta salad conjures up the image of macaroni elbows slathered in a mix of mayonnaise, finely-diced vegetables, and minimal seasoning. For some, it’s a delicious nostalgia trip. For others, it’s…well, pretty bland. Thankfully, chef and Well+Good Council member Candice Kumai has a pasta-based salad that is incredibly flavorful—andContinue Reading

Nutrition isn’t just a health issue; it is a social justice issue, compounded by systemic racism. Black, Hispanic and Latinx, and Native American communities in the U.S. are more likely to experience food insecurity compared to their white counterparts. Additionally, food and eating are deeply entrenched in cultural norms andContinue Reading

Typically, canned grocery hauls consist of plenty of chickpeas, beans, tomatoes, peas, and other must-haves. One underrated veggie that belongs in every shopping cart, though, is none other than the very humble hearts of palm. Hearts of palm—which either comes canned or jarred—is found in the inside of certain palmContinue Reading

Most of the time, beans work as a simple swap out for meat in recipes. Chili, burgers, burritos…they’re all foods where you can use ’em in place of chicken or beef. But considering many of us have been working through our canned pantry goods during quarantine, you might be superContinue Reading